Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reinventing Breakfast...

I will admit, since high school I've been a terrible breakfast eater. The only time I eat breakfast is after a night shift, before I go to does that REALLY count???

I decide that a good granola I could do and I found this recipe for Dark Chocolate Granola. I used Coconut oil instead of Canola oil and left out the coconut because I didn't have any and don't like it.

It was so good! I've had probably 3 bowls a day and now I have to make more. It satisfy's my craving for chocolate and it's dark so I don't feel too bad. I figure if I'm going to eat the chocolate anyway I may as well get some healthy stuff in along with it!

Along with my breakfast theme I thought I would share my newest purchase from Etsy because I LOVE it! I've been in the market for a new coffee cup for awhile...My plastic one from starbucks has had a broken handle since about a week after I bought it 2 a couple years ago....I recently also discovered it was growing mold in the lining....Eww! I really like pottery but hadn't seen any that would work as good travel mugs. (I do have to go back to my real job soon which involves night shifts and transporting coffee in my car) Then I saw this:

I'm enjoying my first cup of tea and it's perfect! (especially the "can wash in dishwasher" bit....) now I might have to go have some granola for dinner with it!

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  1. mmmm home made granola! I'm missing it here... I haven't had the guts or time to figure out how to make it in a gas oven. I perfected mine this summer to the point that I don't like any store bought ones anymore!

    Love the cup too, by the way. Everyone here is into re-usable plastic ones that look like the paper ones you'd get at a coffee shop. It's a nice thought but it bothers me that they're still plastic that will eventually break and just add to the wastage anyway.