Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finger Puppet fun...

Tristyn received these finger puppets today from a friend and she loves them! They are so cute and she is already setting up her puppet show for daddy when he gets home. This is why I love etsy, something so small and so sweet, made from scraps that otherwise would have been chucked...I know we will have hours of creative fun with these and I love the care and thought that went into them! To grab you own check out beckaboo.

Off to set up a monster puppet show!  Jenn

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A little holiday craftiness....

So I'm still looking forward to the day when T. can independently "craft" rather than watching me do it. However I got this little snowman idea in an email and decided I could handle that. They turned out pretty cute:

 She's a pretty big fan:

 We're going for a christmas themed cuddle...I think she's even watching Frosty the snowman.
And of course it was very important that little sis' had one too...amongst every other toy we we own piled on top of her....

Now I feel like I've done my mommy christmas duty...one cookie exchange, one craft and zoo lights. check, check, check....not bad for a mama who really hated christmas growing up. Now off to make some more skull and crossbones hats.

Merry one week to Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Something for mom....

So for a long time I've been feeling guilty about all the paper starbucks cups I blow through. I've tried to lie to myself and tell me that I will use a reusable mu,g but in all practicality, either the staff uses a paper cup to make my drink anyway....or I leave it in my car...dirty...and it begins growing things. Because lets face it, with a toddler, an infant carseat, a diaper bag and whatever else I try to carry...my cup is not a priority. 

I was with a teacher this summer who had a reusable cup cozy she had gotten from a student. I thought it was a great idea and finally made one for myself. I figure if I can't get over my addiction yet to paper cups I can at least forgo the cardboard cozy.

I used it while I went grocery shopping and instead of putting it safely back in my diaper bag I left it on my cup because I was going to take more pictures....and of course left it in the cart!!!!! I still think it's a good idea...and will probably be making some as stocking stuffers, however I will put it back in my purse next time.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Skulls and Crossbones....

I'm working on some custom orders and one of them was a skull and crossbones hat. I played around a bit and came up with this :Pink Skull Hat

It turned out rather well and the more I do the faster I'm getting at actually sewing it on. This is the boys version...I had a hard time getting Tristyn to pose for a picture...apparently the game of the month is run away.....

I think after Christmas I might have to make Tristyn a new hat...I'm thinking maybe and Owl appliqué since she's having an owl themed birthday....well I'm off to work on some more hats and a little project for mom (no not a hat...but it involves coffee...which makes this mama happy) :)

Happy Christmas shopping! So glad I'm done and a very good chunk of it was from Etsy so I never even had  to leave my living room.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here's to firsts!

There are so many firsts in life, first kiss, first baby, first house, first sale.....I could go on. I must say first blog post doesn't hold quite the same excitement! I guess I must start somewhere though. 

I'm sure I learned to knit and crochet as a kid. I obviously though it was utterly lame and boring because I never did it again... until my first daughter was born...I loved all the cute handmade hats but was too cheap to buy them so I set out to learn. I bought the Happy Hooker book by the stitch and bitch lady...

and I was off! Well you can only make so many hats for your own children so I began experimenting on the babies at work and began selling hats to some of my co-workers. I'm now on Maternity leave and after much encouragement decided while I can justify a new hat every few months for my ever growing second child..the girls can only wear so many hats! So gradually and little by little they will be for sale in my little etsy shop here:

While you wait for hats to be listed..whew it's actually quite a bit of work to set up shop! Check out a couple of my friends for all things babyness and girly...

For absolutely awesome worth every penny booties.....

(and the sweetest purses ever for those angelic daughters)

Check out Handmade Therapy or my more recent craving, the darlingest clippies ever...

I received the booties as a shower gift and they are rarely off Addison's feet especially with cool weather approaching....and I coudn't resist buying Miss T a purse for her upcoming 3rd birthday. I have restricted myself to one set of hair clips for now which the girls share, but am sure I will add to that collection in the future!

So if you'r looking for presents for those special babies and girls in your life here's a start for you and if you're interested in a hat let me know. You can check out my facebook page for ideas of what they look like.

See you soon!