Saturday, December 18, 2010

A little holiday craftiness....

So I'm still looking forward to the day when T. can independently "craft" rather than watching me do it. However I got this little snowman idea in an email and decided I could handle that. They turned out pretty cute:

 She's a pretty big fan:

 We're going for a christmas themed cuddle...I think she's even watching Frosty the snowman.
And of course it was very important that little sis' had one too...amongst every other toy we we own piled on top of her....

Now I feel like I've done my mommy christmas cookie exchange, one craft and zoo lights. check, check, check....not bad for a mama who really hated christmas growing up. Now off to make some more skull and crossbones hats.

Merry one week to Christmas!

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  1. Jenn you are pretty crafty mama. Where do you find the time????