Monday, December 13, 2010

Something for mom....

So for a long time I've been feeling guilty about all the paper starbucks cups I blow through. I've tried to lie to myself and tell me that I will use a reusable mu,g but in all practicality, either the staff uses a paper cup to make my drink anyway....or I leave it in my car...dirty...and it begins growing things. Because lets face it, with a toddler, an infant carseat, a diaper bag and whatever else I try to cup is not a priority. 

I was with a teacher this summer who had a reusable cup cozy she had gotten from a student. I thought it was a great idea and finally made one for myself. I figure if I can't get over my addiction yet to paper cups I can at least forgo the cardboard cozy.

I used it while I went grocery shopping and instead of putting it safely back in my diaper bag I left it on my cup because I was going to take more pictures....and of course left it in the cart!!!!! I still think it's a good idea...and will probably be making some as stocking stuffers, however I will put it back in my purse next time.

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